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Cloudchip IoT Platform enables rapid development, management and scaling of IoT products.

  • Supports REST API, MQTT, COAP.
  • Server-side infrastructure for your IoT Solutions, Reduces 90% of development time.
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Cloudchip IoT solutions allow businesses to focus on outcomes while we facilitate their digital transformation journey. our end-to-end IoT solution portfolio with coverage over sensors, gateways, cloud, connectivity, user experience, and analytics to benefit organizations.

Industrial IoT

We specializes in building aware, autonomous systems that integrate with industrial protocols such as MODBUS,RS485, and deliver actionable, real-time data and insights. System administrators can power up flexible automation with remote monitoring, diagnostics, and remediation of smart factories and industry 4.0 with Industrial IoT solutions.

Connected Buildings

Our managed services for smart buildings help organizations save energy, increase safety, boost productivity, and enhance occupant comfort. Commercially deployed by commercial real-estate firms across the US and Europe, our solutions include non-intrusive, in-building occupancy counts, mobile-device location determination, and Wi-Fi radiation maps.

IoT Security

IoT Security solutions blend modern identity management and encryption technologies to help you build connected systems with trust at their roots. We help address data, infrastructure and identity security across environments and devices through their lifecycle

OTA Updates

By delivering firmware updates over-the-air (OTA) reduces response times, enhances product quality and user experience, improve security and boost performance. Organizations can bring down post-sales service costs and drive brand assurance with our simplified OTA software.

Our Products

Smart Home

Simplified some home solution to control the home appliances

IoT Development Kits

Simplified IoT develoment kit for the developer